Monday, May 26, 2008

Scientific Tafseer of Surah Al-Falaq

Copied from:
A Concise Study of Sura Al-Falaq
Atomic Scientist, Engineer
Sultan Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood


Sura Al-Falaq is the last but one sura of the Holy Quran, and thus contains the parting message of the Dervine Revelation. Quran begins with sura Al-Fatiha, where the believers beseech for Allah’s guidance on the straight path leading to Jannat. All that followed, is the answer to man’s this prayer. By acting upon it, Insha Allah, we shall find the salvation. But Shataan is the greatest hindrance in our way. The last two suras of the Quran i.e. sura Al-Falaq and Sura An-Nas warn man of the mischief of shatanic forces and advise to seek refuge of Allah from the psychic attacks of Shataan and his allies.

Taking refuge of some one depends upon three factors i.e. that you are in danger, that you cannot protect yourself; and that there is a powerful protector willing to give you refuge. Then you will enter into his protection, confident enough that you are in safe hands. Enemy also knows then that he / she dare not harm you in this respect. If this is o who is greater Protector the Allah? We must always seek His protection from, any and all types of mischiefs, may it be the evil of minds or magic or any other psychic disorder. Be sure Allah listens and He responds.

Seeking refuge of Allah is not denying use of means. Infact careful planning, hard work and diligent use of all the available resources is obligatory over a Muslim, but dependence upon them is a gross sin. In this respect we should always keep in mind the following famous Hadith of our Rasool () صلىالله عليه وآله وسلم

“When an Arab Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah ( صلىالله عليه وآله وسلم ) he asked “What have you done with your camel? The Beduin replied, I have left it outside the mosque in the care of Allah. The Messenger of Allah ( صلىالله عليه وآله وسلم ) said, “Go back, first tie the leg of your camel with the trunk of a strong tree and then put your Trust in Allah.

Explanation of Verses


The openings Aya of the Sura Al-Falq ( ) is highly meaningful. It orders every believer to proclaim that he / she must seek the protection of “Rabb-ul-Falq” from all types of evil that He has created. There can be none more appropriate to protect us than the one who is not only our Creator but also the Creator of the things which may cause harm to us.

The word Falq () means “shearing one thing into two”. The word Rabb ( قلف بر) means the Designer, Creator, Nourisher and Sustainer of things from the beginning to the end. Thus Rabb-ul-Falaq means; Allah who brought about the existence by shearing the nothingness into positive and negative forces, as zero is the sum totals of all the pluses and minuses. i.e., (+100) + (-100)=0 or (+x) + (-x) =0. This happens according to the law of pairs about which Quran says, “He has created everything into pairs, those you know and those you know not. (Sura Yasin Aya 36) One thing is split into two opposite entities. Thus Falq is transient state between cause and effect. As shown in the figure, cause “A” at the moment of Falq gives birth to the pair effects i.e., B + C. If B is good C will be bad.

In science this process may be understand with reference to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which states that creation of order at one place is simultaneously associated with the appearance of an equal or more of disorder at another place unless compensated by some external agent. For example, cooing effect inside a refrigerator is balanced by the heating effect in the condenser coils outsides. One person’s wealth is associated with another person’s poverty, pesticides kill pests which in the long range enter into food chain of humans as a poison for them too.

Thus the opening statement of the Sura Al-Falq points out a great reality of nature that good and evil go side by side; Therefore a momin must never be careless of the evil around him. He Keeps seeking the protection of Allah and is ever mindful of the evil around him. After this general reminder of the prevailing evils in the world, the following ayats ask us to seek refuse of Allah from certain specific dangers.


Darkness brings evil, may it be spiritual or physical. In the actual sense also as the sun sets in, darkness begins to overcast the things. With it all types of wildlife start coming out of their hidings. Criminals, thief and dacoits become active. Nights clubs with their evil of gambling, prostitution and wine also wake up:
Not only crimes, but even health problems may worsen at night. Emergencies such as heart attacks, brain hammer ages, sugar disorders and cancer etc are relatively more dangerous at night than the day. In war times also, night attacks are more frequent. Even destructive effects of external calamities such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc prove more dangerous at night than day, because people are caught suddenly in their sleep.

Muslims are thus advised in the Sura Al-falq to take refuge of Allah from all types of evil effect of darkness.

Rasool-Allah ( صلىالله عليه وآله وسلم ) advised his followers to carefully lock the doors, put off all types of fire, cover the water and food. Recite the last two suras of the Quran before going to bed. These are general safety measures for every muslim house. If these practical measures, are taken in obedience to the Messenger of Allah ( صلىالله عليه وآله وسلم ) automatically they become acts of piety and worship of Allah also.


The Aya 4 of the sura Al-Falaq advises the believer to particularly seek refuge in Allah from the evil of black magic and witch crafts. ( ) Evil of the witch crafts who blow on knots, refers to a particular type of witch practice in which they blow or spit for certain number of times and go on making knots on thread while reciting magical utterances. Blowing on knots also mean evil planning and mischief’s of the magicians. Thus in its overall sense message is quite general and includes all type of psychic practices intended to harm the victims, through evil spirits and their evil thoughts.

Unfortunately exploitation by magical cults and which crafts is quite popular even in this modem age. Jews and Hindus are particularly notorious for carrying these evil practices. We must remember that all types of magic and witchcrafts practices are forbidden in Islam. But they are real threat and no superstition, thus we should be careful to gerard ourselves from such dangers. While the Messenger of Allah was busy in delivering His Message to the world, Jews and heathens tried many times to harm him through such evil practices but without success, as he was especially protected from evil spirits and Jinns by Allah. Some of the Hadith do mention of a magic attack by one Jew Labid Bin Aasim which is said to have caused some forgetfulness in the Rasool-ul-Allah ( ) However this tradition contradicts Quran and therefore is doubtful in its contents.


The last verse of the sura Al Falaq, ( ) invites our attention to seek protection of Allah from the evil of jealousy. This is the most common type of evil in the world which generally sprouts from one’s friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, all those who compete with you in life. They cause you harm intentionally or unintentionally by their jealous thoughts. One who is jealous to you, will wish you to be deprived of the blessings of Allah and have them himself. This feeling breeds an air of hatred, and enmity for you in the environment. Consequently the jealousies begins to radiate negative bio energy against you. Generally its source is their eyes. That is why jealous eyes put you off. Jealousy working through tongue can deceive you; and through hand can harm you in a hidden way.

You will find it a wide spread disease in your near and dear ones. Messenger of Allah advised us to be kind, humble and keep low profile to escape their jealousy. More over, with the daily recitation of Sura al-Falaq we should seek Allah’s protection to escape harm from the evil of the jealous people.


Witch crafts, sorcery, magic are the art of using evil spirits to harm the subjects. Generally womenfolk being physically weaker, rely more upon such psychic weapons to attack their victims.

As regards the nature of which craft, it is not always superstition. As our understanding is developing new secrets are coming to light. For example in the early 20th century, universe was considered like a machine made by the different combination of atoms glued together. Thus scientific people generally believed that there was no rational for spiritual concepts of the world. But deeper research in the atomic world is now rapidly changing this view. Real world is largely vacuum. For example, if nucleus is the size of a dried pea, the nearest electron on this relative scale will be about 200 meter away. Further deep, atom is basically held together by four fundamental forces which in turn may be just four states of a Singular Force. Thus over the years our perceptions of materials world have changed a lot. It seems now more realistic to think of universe as a Thought Machine of the Creator, in which His Amr (Design) operates. It is a spiritual world constituting of some fundamental forces of nature, and all the rest is merely the manifestation of these forces. Laws of physics are applicable to only the inorganic things and break in the life systems. They seem to be governed not by the atomic forces but the mind force of the universe set in matter. Just as all the atoms in the universe are connected to each other through Gravity, the spirits effect each other through Mind Forces. Good wishes cast good effects and the evils thoughts have evil impact on the target people. Just as in intelligence and physique different people have different capabilities, same is the case of psychic powers. No one is devoid of them. But some are more gifted than others. However, people can enhance these powers to effect others positively or negatively by “Thought exercises”. In this respect book “Psychic Warrior” by major Moor house, Published USA is an interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

Salam Akhi

Copy pun copylah .. takda masaalah

Sangat saya tunggu-tunggu penjelasan sebegini. Berfalsafah sahaja takda fakta, ramai yang tak suka kan? Tapi bila dan bagi fakta ... tuk kurang juga ramai tak suka dan bertamabah pening? Manusia, manusia ... itulah kita!

Exam OK?

Ahmad Saifuddin Amran said...

Falsafah adalah logik, sains pula empirik. Gabung dua-dua ni akan menghasilkan efek sinergi seperti Jainlani Sidek dan Rashid Sidek.

Exam last paper 3 Jun. InshaAllah bereh

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